Thursday, May 01, 2008

Vacation Recap: Day 4

On the morning of Monday the 21st, John and Patricia, the owners of Le Petit Corbon, stopped in to say hello and mentioned that there was a good market that day in the village of St. Pierre sur Dives. Since the village wasn't far off our route to the castle of William the Conquerer, we went first to the market.

It was huge!

Simon and I dropped Mom and Dad off and then found a parking space. At that point, we had no idea that it would take us more than an hour to cross paths with Mom and Dad. By then, both parties had purchased stinky cheese. And it's just possible that I bought a crepe from these fine ladies.

Leaving the market, we went to Falaise to visit le Château Guillaume le Conquérant. Most of the exterior was under scaffolding, but it was nonetheless a worthwhile stop with an excellent audio-tour.

In Falaise, Simon picked up some walking maps that covered the area around our rental house. That evening, we did part of one of the walks. As we didn't have proper hiking gear, the paths were much too muddy for us to continue. Still we had some excitement: we encountered a ferocious poodle and dozens of inquisitive cows.

If you click on this picture
and see what you think is a dead cow in the background,
do not be alarmed.
That cow is just rolling around in the grass.



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