Sunday, April 06, 2008

We Fired Up the Quattro

Woo hoo. Simon and I are back on the Quattro. We kept waiting for spring to arrive, but it ain't here yet. So we took advantage of the sun and tried to ignore the cold. Today we rode past the Keukenhof. Here our are stats:

Time: 66 minutes
Distance: 19.78 miles
Average speed: 18 m.p.h.

Because we were riding for speed today, we didn't stop for pictures. But here are a few from last week's trip to the Keukenhof with Elaine, Simon T., and the indomitable Jean.

Simon T., Elaine, Jean, me, and unidentified butt guy.

Photo by Simon K.

So, the ticket to the Keukenhof, including return bus fare to Leiden, costs €19,
yet -- once one is inside the Keukenhof, a tinkle costs €0.40! In American money, that's 63¢!
And don't even dream of a free refill on your coffee!

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