Sunday, May 28, 2006

Training Update & the DL

Simon and I rode east toward Utrecht today. We chose this route because the wild winds would have made any other direction intolerable. As it was, the route was challenging enough. In all, we rode 52.31 miles. Our top speed was 27 m.p.h., and we rode against some 16-knot headwinds. No, we didn't reach 27 m.p.h. against the headwind.

And yes, we left Jim at home. He's on the DL today (that's the Disabled List for those of you who are, shamefully, baseball illiterate) after wiping out yesterday while cycling with Simon.

I took these pictures on the today's route near Nieuwersluis.



At 12:30 AM , Anonymous Bonnie said...

I just want to say thank you for sending me the link!!! I have been thinking of you and Simon and wondering what you were up to and how you are doing, etc.etc.etc... and NOW I have a much better idea!
I send my love to you both!!!
Blessings... Bonnie


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