Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Obligatory Cat Photo

Here's Kate the Cat, adopted in November 2004 from the Wake County SPCA.

This photo, I think, captures Kate at her Kate-iest. And yes, she is snoozing in a Kitty Pi, one of my first felting projects.



At 7:43 PM , Anonymous freak relative said...

Thank you for recently enabling the comments on your blog. I am a freak who has been waiting for the opportunity to post something inappropriate on your blog! Of course, when your family reads my comments, they will be terribly offended. Their offense will then turn to fear as they worry about the two of you living helplessly in some strange country that cannot decide what its name is (Holland? The Netherlands?)!

Fortunately for you, I cannot think of a single inappropriate comment to write today. But be warned...

At 2:26 PM , Anonymous Jim said...

Someone needs to talk to Kate about staying out all night & sleeping until noon.


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