Saturday, May 13, 2006

Training Update, Featuring Sheep & Cows

Today we rode north toward Haarlem and Amsterdam, with much of the ride in the fields around Schiphol Airport. At Alkmaar, we got the train back. In all, we rode 54 miles. Though the forecast called for rain, the weather was sunny and just a bit cooler than the past few days.

Usually, the bikepaths are clogged with fietsters (cyclists), but this one was full of sheep.

We stopped for a map check outside Halfweg (halfway between Amsterdam and Haarlem, I presume). This cow was hanging out with a couple of his bovine friends in a lovely, wooded pasture (can pastures be wooded?).

I don't know the names of these flowers or whether they qualify as weeds or wildflowers. But they're everywhere.

Near Amsterdam, we crossed the North Sea Canal by ferry. The ride, which lasted about five minutes, was free for cyclists. We think.



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