Sunday, April 29, 2007

Weekend Round Up!

Today's post is just a collection of this 'n that.

The little duckers are doing well and entertaining everyone in the neighborhood.

And I'm de-diddily-lighted that an Albert Heijn is opening in our village -- in just a 10 days! No more schlepping the groceries on and off the bus or balancing a loaded-down bicycle! Soon I'll have just an 8-minute walk to the supermarket.

I knitted, felted, stuffed and sewed up this toy for Princess Horrible. And yes, it is stuffed with catnip. Mmmmmm, catnip . . .

Simon and I have finally gotten back on the tandem. Simon replaced my seat post (I'm much happier -- no comments from you, Jim C), the bottom bracket, and the handlebar tape. Today we rode east along the Kagerplassen. Going out we averaged about 16 mph, but coming back we averaged around 24 mph. Here are the official stats:

Distance: 25.5 miles
Time: 1 hour, 20 minutes
Average speed: 19 mph
Top speed: 25 mph

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