Sunday, April 22, 2007

France with Bud 'n Bren -- Ooh La La!

Last Thursday, Simon and I headed out with Mom and Dad to visit northeastern France, in particular the areas where my grandfather (Dad's dad) fought with the 42nd Rainbow Division in World War I.

As a child, I was dragged off to cemeteries, battlefields, and battle re-enactments and always vowed to myself that, as an adult, I would never go on another history-oriented vacation. Well, this trip to France was my and Simon's third WWI vacation.

Here are just a couple of snaps from our trip.

American War Memorial at Chateau-Thierry

The Buies Creek Expeditionary Force, as it advances on Belleau Wood

We weren't at war the whole trip. It just happens that we were in the Champagne region.
Bud 'n Bren at the grape press
A vineyard at Champagne Maison Mercier

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