Wednesday, February 07, 2007

What My Parents Get Up To When I Leave the Country

I can't leave the country for a minute without my parents coming up with some sort of busy-ness.

When Simon and I went home for Christmas, we found this new "barn" in the back yard. I've just learned that it's been dubbed Beach-Mountain (not to be confused with Beech Mountain) Cottage. Billy, my uncle, and Wayne, my cousin's husband, were co-conspirators.

Note: there's another barn in the background. How many barns, cabins, cottages, or chalets do my parents need?

And, as bonus, you get a glimpse of Clarissa Doggaway, a very sweet, very elderly doggie.



At 5:07 AM , Anonymous Jim said...

So is this the "guest-house" that you & Simon will be staying at from now on? What, did you two stop bathing since you've been in Europe?

At 1:51 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

We had our first party in the Beach Mountain Retreat. We celebrate your Uncle Billy's birthday. We had lunch at the beach and dessert in the mountains. Next we toured your daddy's garden.

Love your favorite Aunt,


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