Sunday, February 04, 2007

Last Weekend in Liverpool, Part 1

Last weekend, Simon and I went to Liverpool to see Jean, Simon's great aunt, and Elaine and Simon, his aunt and uncle. We even got to meet some newly discovered relatives as well.

Here I am with Jean in Liverpool Lime Street Station. This is the Jean who once said to me, "Well, you're only little." Hmmm.

After going with us to the Walker Art Gallery to see The Cathedral That Never Was and Doves and Dreams, Jean sent us out on our own. We made all the usual stops -- first a snack from Marks & Spencer.

And then, surprisingly enough, we worked our way to Ye Cracke and The Philharmonic. The pink fairy in the background was a gentleman out on his stag night. Sadly, his fuzzy pink handcuffs aren't visible in this photo.



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