Sunday, August 13, 2006

A Grand Day Out (or Vacation, Buddy ‘n Brenda Style)

Last Saturday, Simon and I went to Maastricht. In total, we were gone 14 hours. A couple of weekends ago, my parents – Buddy ‘n Brenda – took a road trip. They were gone 30 hours. Once Mom, Daddy, and I took an 18-hour trip to the beach – and that included an overnight stay. We know how to live.

Our Itinerary
07:50 – Departed apartment, cycled to Leiden Centraal
08:10 – Arrived Leiden Centraal
08:38 – Departed Leiden Centraal, changed at Utrecht Centraal and Sittard
11:48 – Arrived Maastricht
Pottered around Maastricht
18:29 – Departed Maastricht, changed at Utrecht Centraal
21:22 – Arrived Leiden Centraal, cycled home
21:45 – Arrived home, watched Foyle’s War
A very cool Vespa

A very happy shopper enjoying the wool selection at Buttons & Beads



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