Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Books Read in July

Dodie Smith: I Capture the Castle
Margaret Atwood: The Handmaid’s Tale
Alan Bennett: The Clothes They Stood Up In and “The Lady in the Van”
Ellis Peters: The Holy Thief
Tom Perrotta: Election
Howard Norman: The Northern Lights
Ngaio Marsh: Tied Up in Tinsel
Eric Kraft: Inflating a Dog
Ruth Rendell: The Keys to the Street
William Trevor: The Children of Dynmouth

A Contest to Get You People Posting to this Blog: The first person to post a comment listing the last book, fiction or non-fiction, that he or she read in its entirety will receive from me a most excellent Dutch treat. (That's just a little joke; you don't have to pay half.) (Tip: When you click on the comments button and go to the "Leave your comment" page, change your identity to "other" so you don't have to create a Blogger account.)



At 10:49 PM , Anonymous Hugh said...

Fiction--I've reread As I Lay Dying, and I'm currently working on American Gods, which, I know, I should have read a while back.

Nonfiction--I've been reading abstracts most of the first half of the summer for this fall's PCAS conference. I'd like to call that exciting, but there's just no pretending that.

At 9:58 AM , Blogger Amity said...

Yea, Hugh! You're the big winner! Now I have to figure out what your prize is.
Yea, Faulkner! I love As I Lay Dying. I wish the Coen brothers would make a film version.

At 2:51 PM , Anonymous Susan said...

Did you read Inkspell first ? I did and prefer it to Inkheart. I am into Back-to-work on Monday mode, so I am reading children's books-Princess Academy 2006 Newbery Honor - better than I initially thought and Turkeys Together - a nice easy reader.

At 5:53 PM , Blogger Amity said...

I enjoyed Inkheart, but I also prefer Inkspell over it. The Thief Lord, though, is my favorite of Funke's novels.

Now for something completely different . . . I'm reading The Liar by Stephen Fry. Though it's about young adults, it's definitely not YA fiction.

At 12:26 AM , Anonymous Jim said...

No fair. You wrote this on a traveling day for me. I tried commenting before but it didn't post...I guess I'm not good enough. I just finished A Geologic History of the Columbia River was a cliff-hanger!
I'm surprised nobody listed a pop-up book (they're scary).


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