Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Will She Need a Dowry?

A certain Tenten, a 3 year-old, neutered Tom who lives in Turkey, has asked for Kate's paw in marriage. His proposal came about after his person saw a photo of Kate that I had given to one of Simon's colleagues (along with a very lovely and tasteful 'Barcelona' magnet purchased at the airport).

In the interests of full disclosure, I believe that Tenten deserves to know more about Kate (also known as Princess Horrible and Get Off the *&#$% Counter).

A few fun facts about Kate
In November 2004, Kate adopted us from the Wake County SPCA. She wouldn't tell us her exact age, only that she was approximately 2 years old. Little is known of Kate's first two years. Did she live on the street? Was she a kitty of loose morals? (Tenten, please note that Kate is an older woman.)

Kate's hobbies include napping, shredding paper (newspapers, bills, important documents -- she's not picky), demanding treats, taking over my pillow during the night, and looking out the window.

Kate has been known to scratch furniture.

Kate does not attempt to drink from the toilet (which anyway would be impossible here in "Toilet with a Shelf Land").

Kate flirts shamelessly with new people, often tapping them on the knees with her paw or simply standing in their laps until they pay attention to her.

Tenten, perhaps now you have a fuller picture. If you're still besotted, Kate will consider considering your proposal.